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Putting BMW’s new Z4 in perspective

It’s always exciting to me when anyone introduces a new roadster, not just BMW. Considering that topless models account for just below 1% of US car sales, I’m amazed anyone is doing convertibles, or manual transmissions. Wait – the new Z4 is not available with a manual (or even that […]


Strolling With My E12

Going from an M240 X Drive to the 1976 530i is a quick lesson in time travel, as well as automotive travel, showing just how far BMW has come in a little over 40 years. The level of refinement is unmistakable, from the operation of the heater and air conditioning […]


Why So Many?

Whether it’s turntables or BMW’s I usually get asked the same question, but with a slightly different variation on the theme. “You can only drive one,” or “you can only play one record at a time.” But it’s not about that.   Rob Siegel, known to BMW lovers world-wide as […]


Lowering the i3!

You can’t make your i3 go faster, but you can spruce up the handling significantly by the mere addition of a set of H&R sport springs, available here, at the Tire Rack for only $249. BMW quotes seven hours to change them, but some dealers will not fit aftermarket parts […]


E39 M5: BS

The V8 powered E39 M5 certainly lives up to its legacy, nearly 20 years later. In this case, the “BS” means before supercharger. My BMW Genius, Eric has this lovely example of the marque and as we’re driving along the backroads nearby, he explains why he needs even more power […]

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Living with 101 horsepower

Horsepower is great, no, horsepower is awesome, yet there’s a lot to be said for slowing your pace down a bit. The case in point is our 1983 320i. It’s normally aspirated 4 cylinder with K-Jetronic fuel injection left the factory with 101 horsepower, so it may not have quite […]

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In Defense of the Garage Queen

There is a particular segment of car owners that spend more time washing and waxing their pride and joy than actually driving it. I say to each his or her own, and I certainly get it. While there is something special about a well-worn, patina’d daily driver that’s given you […]