About Me…

Hello and welcome to Heel and Toe.

My journey with cars goes back as long as I can remember. Having a grandfather and a father that both owned autobody shops, I could never get too far away from a wrench or a spray gun, but unlike those two who were American car guys to the CORE, I forged a different path becoming more obsessed with European cars from my early college days. Much to my father’s dismay.

For those of you feeling a sense of deja-vu, this project started out as My BMW Habit. Unfortunately, though there are thousands of BMW oriented fan sites/pages, Facebook decided to make an example out of me and randomly cancel the page I put four years of my life into. Once the initial anger subsided, I decided that the universe was telling me to spend time outside of the BMW realm. Lo and behold, a couple of Porsches invaded the garage and I’ve broadened my perspective.

So, this site will be something a little different than first imagined. Please bear with me for the next few months as we diversify the content from just BMW-related things. I hope you like the new logo, I wanted something that payed homage to the original Road & Track magazine, as well as the Hurst shifters many of us of a certain age grew up with. I hope this won’t torque anyone.

In addition to the various Porsche and BMW related goings on, I’d like to share some of my automotive stories with you as well. I believe this is the best part of automobile ownership, the journeys and the stories of the people you meet along the way. That’s certainly what’s made every car I’ve ever owned cool.

Thank you very much for stopping by, and I’m looking forward to getting rolling on this.

jeff dorgay

PS: Please feel free to drop a note to jeff@tonepublications.com