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Full circle with the 944

Looking over the hood of my Alpine White 944 at a brisk, but leisurely pace on the morning’s coffee run brings back great memories. The 944 is by far the slowest car in my collection of five Porsches, yet it is the most tactile, most mechanical, and most engaging in […]


Old Guy in the Neighborhood – Part 3

I remember the line from the Thin Lizzy song, “told them you were livin’ downtown, driving all the old men crazy.” Oddly, just after my neighbor Amos passed at 94 years old, another old guy down the street popped up and it wasn’t me. And this one didn’t like cars, […]


Morning Topless Motoring

Quietly driving through the farmland, not too far from Habit HQ, with Gumby’s (the Laguna Green E30 project) top down at a leisurely pace is incredibly relaxing. Maybe every E30 doesn’t need an engine swap, or even a manual transmission. Heresy, I know, but there’s something to be said for […]

Our Cars

Nose Job

When the new BMWs with their monstrous grilles hit the scene a while back, many of the BMW faithful lost their shit over the new design language. A proliferation of memes hinting that soon the grille would be bigger than the car itself hit the internet. Oh the horror. If […]


Still Loving the E21

As the time worn cliché goes, “time flies when you’re having fun.” Just over three years, this site began with a post titled, “Living With 101 Horsepower.” I had purchased an E21 about a year before that, and finally started to get around to driving it, and of course, working […]


The Project car and EOL

Having just read an excellent article by Jay Leno about the real costs of auto restoration (and sometimes the lack of appreciation of the process) and another great article about agonizing over cars we should have bought (or should not have sold) by Rob Siegel, leads me to another thought: […]


Getting the Winter Tires out…

Here in the Pacific Northwest, the onset of winter is often a sudden thing. You’re driving around with the top down, your hair blowing in the wind, and then bam – it’s 40 degrees and raining. Or worse, snow. Getting caught with your pants down, or in this case, your […]