Why I’m Not Buying a Set of M-Pars (just yet…)

Don’t get me wrong, I love the look of a set of 18” M-parallel wheels on the E34. Discussions go back and forth on the various FB pages, with some hating this wheel, and others loving it. But I’m not jumping on the bandwagon just yet, but not for the reason you think. FYI, I’m in the love column, and I think I could even settle for a set of reproductions, considering the low budget ethos of my E34.

Maybe it has a little bit to do with the four sets of other wheels that still don’t have the proper tires, but more than likely it has more to do with the 20’s on our X1 that just seem to attract abuse.

Even though there are a set of Konis and springs ready to go on my trusty E34, I think for now, those 15” Series 5 wheels are going to stay put. I’ve always liked the look, and I like knowing these wheels will be a lot less likely to be damaged by the low-ish curbs and small-ish potholes in my immediate vicinity. Maybe I’m just a little too OCD to deal with more than one set of really skinny sidewall tires.

I’m sure one day, I’ll cave in and get some M-Pars, because they are just too cool to resist. For now, I’m chilling out, and reveling in the comfort their big sidewalls provide, but still staring at this sweet E34 from Bring a Trailer.