The Morning Cup…

Ed. Note: Oil stain, courtesy of my 91 535… Boris does not leak a drop!

I treasure peace and quiet over nearly everything these days. That’s why I really enjoy taking Boris, a.k.a. my 84’ 733i out for a coffee and a leisurely drive through the countryside surrounding my house. This time of year, with the trees at their most colorful, I count the days before the first big rain (followed by a lot more rain) will wash away all those big spots of color, and the trees will be bare until Spring.

The old seven provides a quiet haven. While not the raucous ride of the Z3M Roadster, with its S54 screaming towards the redline (that was yesterday), these big plush seats and incredible visibility make it easy to just take it all in. I know, if only it had a cup holder. But I’ve kinda worked that out too.

Though this car doesn’t have the twin turbo V8 and 8 speed auto box of the current seven, it motors along just fine. Maybe because it doesn’t have the extra 600 pounds to lug around that the current car does. I won’t get into one of these crabby old man “things were so much better when I walked ten miles to school in the cold” conversations, but there is something to be said about a somewhat simpler time. The Seven has always been much more complicated than a Three – even in 1984.

Much as I hate to admit it, the slower pace of winter is a great time to get car projects done, and Boris needs a serious suspension update and perhaps a better sound system. And that pesky dash cluster rebuilt. It will be Spring before we know it!