Lowering the i3!

You can’t make your i3 go faster, but you can spruce up the handling significantly by the mere addition of a set of H&R sport springs, available here, at the Tire Rack for only $249.

BMW quotes seven hours to change them, but some dealers will not fit aftermarket parts to your car, so be sure to sort this out in advance. My local guys at Bavarian Autoworks got the whole job done in a little under five, and at a much more reasonable rate. Those of you more DIY oriented might even be able to handle this yourself, with a spring compressor.

Regardless of how you get the springs installed, you’re going to love the finished result. The modded i3 sits down about an inch lower in the rear and about 1.3 inches in the front from stock. The car now looks a lot more aggressive, but not riced out – the way it should have come from BMW in the first place. (If only we could fit some big wheels and tires!)

Driving out of the shop parking lot, the car immediately feels better, crisper, more competent. Fortunately, the twisties are only a few miles away, and the car not only returns to center more quickly, it doesn’t squirm or dive in the corners as it does on the stock springs. And, the slight bit of bounce that is part of the stock ride is now gone.

The i3s quick steering, now accompanied by the new, tighter suspension makes for a car that now has true sporting feel. I burned up 100 miles so quickly that I almost forgot to charge the car! Combining the electric motor’s lightning fast throttle response with the upgraded handling, zooming through traffic feels like you’re playing Super Mario Kart. Exit ramps are handled with ease, and a few local long sweepers can be taken at a higher speed with higher confidence.

H&Rs sport spring set is a must have upgrade for the i3.


H&R Sport Springs for the BMW i3

$249/set  (more info) (purchase here)